Salasko Racing Keypad GPA - MoTeC M1 Package

$ 1,540.00

M130 Keypad Package

This Package includes a package license for a Salasko Racing partner package with a variety of added features as well as a RaceGrade 8 Position keypad utilized as listed below.

Package Features

  •   Keypad Features
    • Launch Control
      • Timer based with necessary comps
      • Keypad selectable levels
    • Rolling Launch
      • Throttle pedal controls speed even while RL is active
      • Keypad selectable levels 
    • Traction Control
      • Keypad compensation for Slip Aim & comps
    • Coolant pump & fan override
    • Stand alone keypad based cruise control
      • Requires DBW, brake switch, and clutch switch
    • Boost Control
      • Keypad selectable levels
      • Added comps
      • Specific targets for launch, rolling launch, & nitrous
    • Nitrous Control
      • Keypad selectable stages
      • Bottle pressure input
      • Cumulative stages or sequential
      • All standard failsafes
    • H-Pattern DBW rev match throttle blip
      • Calculates ideal downshift gear
      • User definable match ratio
  • Flex Fuel
    • GM Flex Fuel sensor support
    • Fuel content & temperature on a single digital input
    • Fully definable fuel properties for both fuels
    • Necessary compensation tables including nitrous comps
  • Standard 5V Lambda Support
    • Utilize existing wideband sensors & equipment
    • Fully integrated into all Lambda functions
  • Improved Tachometer Support


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