FR-S / BRZ / GT86 - Solid Subframe & Differential Bushings

$ 430.00

Designed for our time attack car these bushings are a solid press fit replacement for all of the rubber bushings in the factory subframe. These bushings will greatly improve handling characteristics and predictability. They also act to stiffen and reinforce the factory diff housing and increase the torque handling capability of the axles. Many axle and differential failures are caused by poor CV alignment under hard acceleration conditions or housing failures that would be avoided by a properly supported housing.
  • Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized gold or black (contact for custom colors)
  • Eliminates subframe movement & improves chassis rigidity
  • Eliminates differential flex and drastically improves torque rating
  • Raises the subframe .19" improving geometry on lowered cars

Bushings Only: You get the bushings packaged in a box and install them yourself. These bushings are a tight press fit. You can damage your subframe or the bushings doing this incorrectly.

Complete Subframe: We ship you a complete subframe stripped and powder coated your choice of color with the bushings already pressed in. If you choose this option you will have to press in the two diff bushings but they are extremely easy and we include a tool.

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