Wi-Fi Adapter for Ethernet ECU's (MoTeC M1, AEM Infinity, etc.)

$ 350.00

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We are proud to offer our motorsports grade Ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter for use with ecu's, dashes, and other Ethernet compatible devices.

Wireless connectivity allows access to datalogs, engine mapping, etc. without getting in the way of pit crew activities. Also useful in applications like Jet Skis where waterproof wiring is a must or using a laptop around the vehicle is prohibitive.

Range is approximately 100 yards depending on conditions.

These are built to order and can be adapted with security options, range extenders, etc. contact us for any questions.

This device has been tested and used extensively on MoTeC products but should work well with virtually anything that uses Ethernet for connectivity.

Includes mating connector.

Dimensions (mm): 92 x 75 x 35 (does not include connector protrusion)

Weight: 185g

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